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November 19 Family Affair

Jennifer Jasper in association with the Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater presents FAMILY AFFAIR—Cabaret, served up family style. at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 7:30 pm $10 Cash Only at the door—no pre-sales Doors open at 7pm. Show at 7:30p Come on down and join us for this monthly cabaret to celebrate the casserole that is our families. Performers from all types of performance disciplines such as storytelling, dance, writing, music, and visual arts will be sharing their family […]



I had a conversation with a customer the other day about the passage of time. You know, that uncanny but-you-know-it’s-true feeling that time goes faster the older you get? It really does. Remember waiting for summer vacation? Forever. Your birthday? Christmas? Fucking forever. Now? Shit, is tomorrow really Christmas? Has it really been a year? How in the hell is it October? SLOW DOWN! She had a read an article about our perception of time and that to us, as […]


Winner’s Circle!

We did it! ETYMOLOGY will be published in the 39th edition of the OOB Festival collection. Thank you to everyone who helped me achieve this huge honor. See you in Seattle!    

Support “Lane 1974″ Directed by SJ Chiro

A new film based on Clane Hayward’s memoir "The Hypocrisy of Disco," LANE 1974 tells the true coming-of-age survival story of a counterculture kid. It will be shot during the summer of 2015 in Northern California.


Jennifer is a 2015 Willapa Bay AIR Recipient!

Playwright Jennifer Jasper will be part of the 2015 artist in residence program at Willapa Bay AIR.

"etymology" One of the Final 6 Winners!

Playwright Jennifer Jasper Wins!

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