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Apr. 20 Family Affair

It’s Family Affair’s Third Anniversary! Coming up on April 20, we have: San Francisco Comedian Marga Gomez Bhama Roget will surprise us Joe Zavadil is doing something Zav-like Stephanie Darnell is telling a story Musical guest Heather Ward Trio Plus your host Jennifer Jasper! Over the last three years, Family Affair has raised over $7,000 for 25 artists. We’ve had more than 106 artists perform from a variety of disciplines—many have been on our stage more than once. Jennifer Jasper, […]


“House 30” gets Footlight Award

“House 30” directed by Jennifer Jasper received two Footlight Awards—for Solo Acting and Set Design! Read the article here.


Clearing Things Off My Plate

I am nearing my departure date for the Willapa Bay AiR where I will spend 28 days in August as an artist in residence. I am anxious, nervous, excited and ready! I will be working on final revisions to “Pressing Matters” and “Bullygirl” and… ? The last two weeks have been spent clearing my plate. I‘m busy finishing tasks, sending emails, post-dating checks, making lists, shopping (new pens and a rain parka) and spending time with Kathie. Now we wait. […]


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